Denis PETROV from New York is the owner of

Denis PETROV from New York is the owner of

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Denis PETROV functions as a Senior Software
Engineer at Elephant Ventures LLC
( and
noted that it is a Delaware business with
workplaces in a number of states.

But in front of this decent facade Denis PETROV leads a double life. A dark life, made from
distribution of pedophile photos, images of abuse, photos of actual rape, promotion and referencing
of medicine sales sites, multiple perjury in DMCA, violation of private photo and legal civil liberties of

authorship, and extortion.

Yet behind this store is hidden hundreds of child pornography photos, medication sales web links and
links to genuine torture and rape content. Denis PETROV in fact handles a showcase of all the most
dreadful things the Dark Web can provide.
Additionally, Denis PETROV never ever values copyright withdrawal demands and takes the personal
data of countless individuals. Hundreds of sufferers are seriously attempting to have material stolen from
them deleted, some sufferers are overwhelmed by Vengeance Porn and harassment but Denis PETROV
does not care. And he trades in it.
After a year and a half of examination, below is all the evidence that verifies that Denis PETROV is the
proprietor of


1. The route of the

First, we took a look at the web site, where references to in the resource code recommend a.
Russian connection to the site's proprietor. Our Russian-speaking companion says that blunders in English.
are commonly Slavic. And other article reveals that he talks Russian with complete confidence.
The of domains such as "" and "", which needs putting a actual uncovered. leads to a "Denis Petrov", between 2013 and 2018. 2013 2018

After having commissioned a private investigator to examine the address in Czechia, he verified to Owner of is Denis PETROV from New York us.
that there was no Denis PETROV on the mailboxes. This seems a phony address or an empty.

Verification of Denis PETROV's name and e-mail address search.

We discovered rather quickly in internet archives and socials media, several screen copies of emails signed.
" Denis" and where the interlocutor begins their e-mail with " Hello there Denis":.

There is no more any doubt "Denis" is his genuine given name, due to the fact that the registrars and hosts that.
have his actual identification call him "Denis"!
In addition we collect the adhering to email addresses:.
All these e-mail addresses belong to Denis, proprietors of or It will be useful to us.
We also keep in mind that Denis has been obtaining grievances for many years and does not think twice to lie to.
escape problems from registrars, such as when he declares to have a agreement with Europol.

The Contributions switches on the website:.

On the homepage, there is a " Contribute" button bring about:.
We contact a private detective specializing in "OSINT" study-- open source knowledge, and below is.
his record:.
The Librapay website explains the website and states the proprietor's accounts, including a Github and a.
Twitter account:.

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